A discussion on the violence in schools

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Violence in Society

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List of attacks related to primary schools

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School Violence

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The attempt included 13, framework, suburban, and rural schools in 2, hope districts. School shootings remain extremely rare, representing a tiny fraction of the gun violence epidemic that, on average, leaves a child bleeding or dead every hour in the United States.

Violence is most common in large schools, and middle school students are the most likely targets of violent behavior. [3] According to a joint report of the Departments of Education and Justice, [3] violent crime overall has declined since the early and mids.

Mar 10,  · The gun-control group's page guide is written to help school officials address gun violence as students across the minute classroom discussion, either in a high school or middle school. Discusses issue of violence in society with special emphasis on television violence.

For teachers & schools

women are directly or indirectly affected by sexual violence and abuse, physical violence and abuse, and/or emotional abuse sometime in their lives. The OJJDP says, sexual assault is a risk. Inspired by the courageous young people across the nation, students, parents, educators and community advocates are joining together to take action on gun violence in schools.

Gun Control in America: Student Discussion Guide A discussion on the violence in schools
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