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2018 Summer PD for Teachers

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Technical Writing

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Department of English and Comparative Literature

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Welcome to SRJC's Community Education Office's Online Instruction Center. SRJC's Community Education Office offers a wide range of highly interactive not-for-credit courses. About Your Instructor. Dionne (Dee) Felix is an experienced educator, mentor, and presenter with experience in instruction, course development, and face-to-face and online education.

Dee has conducted highly engaging workshops in business writing, education, and.

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Green Bay District Turbocharge Partnership Online Courses Public Safety & Security Training Universal Driving Facility Certification and Licensing Appraiser and Real Estate - Continuing Education Business.

Entrepreneurship (1) [new] Event Management [new] Hospitality Management [new]. “Ripe Fruit School of Creative Writing is the only writing program in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a progressive, step-by-step series of workshops and classes for beginning and emerging writers.

“Ripe Fruit School of Creative Writing is the only writing program in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers a progressive, step-by-step series of workshops and classes for beginning and emerging writers.

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