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As a result, he or she may end a sense of unfairness and personality and not be willing to contribute to the end. Today that business still stands, and I help to keep it going. When I punch in, I bring along the legacy of my great grandfather, my grandfather, and. Free Essay: Family business is a business in which, one or more members within the management team are drawn from the owning family.

Family businesses can. Family Business Essay example. Family business is a business in which, one or more members within the management team are drawn from the owning family.

Family businesses can have owners who are not family members. Family businesses may also be managed by individuals who are not members of the family. The Uniqueness Of The Family Business Information Technology Essay Introduction.

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The reason why a person establishes a business is to satisfy the necessities of his or her family. The reason why this is a common issue in family business is because that the family members always tend to treat their own family member better and they also make bias decision most of the time.

The most common problem is the payment and the salary of the people in family business. Family businesses are the oldest and most wide-spread form of business structure, and possess the potential to be the most powerful business structure in the economy.

Some of the most powerful and recognizable companies in the world have been developed from, and still are, family businesses. A /5(3).

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