How to not procrastinate writing a business

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Deliberate Procrastination May be The Answer to All of Your Writing Struggles

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How to focus on writing: 5 tips that work

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4 Ways to Use Goals and Rewards to Beat Procrastination

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It’s Not About What You Do, But What You Become. The 70% rule is a smart strategic tool, but it’s more than that.

5 Strategies to Beat Procrastination

The most important part about the 70% rule is not about what you do. It’s not about whether you succeed or fail. It’s about what you become in the process. Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time [Rory Vaden] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Rory Vaden (Take the Stairs) brings his high-energy approach and can-do spirit to the most nagging problem in our professional lives: stalled productivity. Whether we’re overworked. Here you are, reading an article about writing better.

10 Mind-Blowing Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

Is it safe to assume that you’re procrastinating about writing right now? That’s okay—we aren’t here to scold you like your English teacher might. Do not fear a brief moment of procrastination, a deviation from the set path, or an adjustment from your meticulously designed daily routine.

Take time to learn because being intellectually curious opens doors to opportunities that would never expose themselves if caught constantly looking in between the lines. How to Stop Procrastinating and Get the Important Work Done Somewhere between conceptualizing and launching this site, I was spinning my wheels.

I knew that I needed to sit down and write, and that writing for this site was my most important action.

How to not procrastinate writing a business
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Deliberate Procrastination May be The Answer to All of Your Writing Struggles