Intermediate business writing

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Short-term Goals

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Concise Writing Exercises

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Business email writing lesson plan

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One available business grammar worksheet focuses on teaching students to write letters requesting information and is suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced learners.

There is a nice progression of activities here starting with some simple questions and a gap-fill exercise, moving on to a review of important phrases, and then finishing /5(5).

Business English Complete tasks that will help to improve your English skills for work.

Business English Lesson Plans

In the lessons in this section you can also watch videos, listen to audio and read texts with a focus on the world of business and work. Life Business Writing Useful phrases ©National Geographic Learning ©National Geographic Learning Emails and letters Starting Dear Sir or Madam Dear Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss Brown Hi Hello Ending Yours faithfully (after Dear Sir or Madam) Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book Author: Diane Created Date.

English Writing Skills: This site helps ESL students improve their business writing and includes advice on and examples of business letters and resumes. Materials are categorized by beginning, intermediate and advanced writing.

Lower-intermediate students perhaps can best be summarized with the following statement: They are in a state of transition, having acquired the basics of the language yet unable to use these elements consistently and accurately.

Notes to Worksheet 3 A short report comparing two companies Learning aims: to write a short report comparing two companies to review the use of comparatives from Student’s Book Unit 3 to extend the vocabulary of transport from Student’s Book Unit 3 in a business context 1 Begin with a whole-class discussion about delivery companies.

Find out the names of some.

Intermediate business writing
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