Plain language business writing

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Plain language

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Why Plain Language is Good for Business

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Plain Language Writing Tips.

Business Letters

These are examples of writing tips that are posted on the National Archives internal website for staff. We offer these tips to staff so their communication with the public is easier to understand and fits in with the principles of plain writing.

Revisiting Plain Language Reprinted from the MayVol.

Effective Business Writing: The Importance of Plain Language

47, No. 2, issue of Technical Communication with permission of STC. What is plain language? Actually, defining it is not unlike defining information design. The Plain Writing Act of (Act) requires federal agencies to write “clear Government communication that the public can understand and use.” The Department of the Treasury is committed to writing new documents in plain language using the Federal Plain Language Guidelines.

Join our business writing course and learn to communicate in a concise, accurate, and effective way. Your success depends on your ability to turn your thoughts into written and spoken words.

Poor writing results in missed opportunities, lost sales, and loss of credibility. The Plain Language. Effective Business Writing: The Importance of Plain Language Marketing & Sales When running a business, it is important to be aware of how you communicate with your customers, your staff, your investors, and your suppliers.

Effective Business Writing: The Importance of Plain Language

Plain Language at NIH. Plain language is grammatically correct language that includes complete sentence structure and accurate word usage.

Why Plain Language is Good for Business

Plain language is not unprofessional writing or a method of "dumbing down" or "talking down" to the reader. Writing that is clear and to the point helps improve communication and takes less time to read and understand.

Plain language business writing
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