Spencerian business writing

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Styles of Script

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Spencerian script

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Spencerian penmanship

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Business Penmanship is an ode to the business handwriting from the era penmanship was a highly-valued part of business education and practice. More In the early s, Platt Rogers Spencer () created what would become the most widely accepted. Oct 26,  · Spencerian Penmanship (Theory Book plus five copybooks) abrasiverock.com Guide Sheets abrasiverock.com Seyes Ruled Paper.

Simplifying Spencerian script produced a faster, monoline style; the result of which is the formation of a beautiful, unadorned script which belies its mundane name "Business Writing" Edited by caliken, 29 December - Still, I wanted to find a handwriting guide that would give my letters that little something extra.

Enter, The Spencerian Penmanship Program! What is “Spencerian Penmanship”?

Spencerian script

In short, Spencer was a man obsessed with penmanship (lucky for us). His “Spencerian Script” became the standard for teaching students handwriting in the mids. Business Writing developed from Spencerian Script but as there are no shaded strokes in Business Writing, it can be written with any fine round-tipped nib.

The excellent examples and sources cited by Vidalia are, however, for Spencerian Script. Additional terms that would fall under the ‘Spencerian’ umbrella are Artistic writing and Ornamental script (6, 11).

For the purposes of this discussion I will use the term Spencerian script. Champion Method of Practical Business Writing.

Champion Method of Practical Business Writing, Mary L. Champion E.C.

Spencerian penmanship

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Spencerian business writing
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